Bills CB Dane Jackson Released From Hospital

Buffalo Bills cornerback Dane Jackson faced a neck injury during the first half of the team’s home game on Monday night.

Jackson was taken to the hospital as his injury was looking alarming. The Bills confirmed Dane Jackson’s injury was inflicted by a teammate.

At that time, the Bills started the game with a stronghold like the way they are continuing this season.

They ended the game with a dominant 41-7 win against the Tennessee Titans.

How did Dane Jackson get the injury?


In the first half of the Buffalo Bills’ home game, Jackson was lying on the ground while tackling the Tennessee Titan’s Treylon Burks.

Just then, Tremaine Edmunds, Jackson’s teammate, barreled in head first. Although he missed his target, the 6'5 linebacker’s helmet smashed Jackson’s helmet as it jerked back hard into his head.

The Buffalo Bills cornerback was severely injured on his head and neck in this helmet-to-helmet collision.